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The 25GN from Big Tex Trailers features 12K heavy-duty axles with premium adjustable suspension. This durable gooseneck trailer comes equipped with a low-profile pierced-beam frame, LED lights, adjustable dual jacks, a chain box and a crank-style adjustable coupler.

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Heavy Duty Axle Gooseneck

25GN Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Gooseneck Trailer

*G.A.W.R. (Ea. Axle) 12,000#
*2-5/16" Ball Adj. Square Crank Type Coupler
*3/8" Grd.70 Safety Chains w/Safety Latch Hook (2 each)
*Dual Two Speed Landing Gear 50K Capacity Jacks (Bolted On)
*12" I-Beam Neck
*12" I-Beam Frame
*19lb I-Beam
*3" Channel Crossmembers
*8" Channel w/Rub Rail, Stake Pockets on 24" Centers, and Chain Spools
*2-HD 10,000# Dual Wheel Axles w/Electric Brakes
*HD Adjustable Suspension
*ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E Dual Tire
*16 x 6 HD Dual 8 Bolt Wheel
*2" Pine Floor
*D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn & Clearance LED Lights
*7-Way RV Electrical Plug
*Steel is Cleaned to Ensure a Professional Smooth Finish
*Superior Quality Finish is Applied for a Highly Decorative and Protective Finish
Standard Features:
*Safety Chains Attached w/Cold Rolled Eyelets
*102" Overall Width
*Low Profile Bed, Pierced Frame
*Dual Speed Jack
*8" Channel side rail
*19lb I-Beam
*12k Axles
*Formed Crossmember to Frame Gussets
*Modular Sealed Wiring Harness
*Safety Reflective Marker Tape
*Heavy Duty Oil Bath Axles w/Electric Brake on Each
*Complete Break-A-Way System with Battery and Charger
*1-1/4" Pipe Chain Spool between Stake Pockets
*28'(Flat Deck) and longer include Torque Tube
*Spare tire mount
*2 Side bed steps
*5' Dovetail w/Double Hinged Spring Assist Fold Over Ramps
*Grommet Mount Sealed LED Lighting
*Lockable Toolbox Between GN Uprights
*HD Adjustable Suspension

Order In
Axle Config:
Tandem Dual
Max Payload:
18140 lbs.
External Width:
External Length:
Hitch Type:
Gooseneck/Pintle Trailers
Rear Type:
Mega Ramp



Axle (2) 12,000# Dual Wheel w/ Electric Brakes (Oil Bath)
Jack Dual Two Speed Landing Gear (Bolted On)
Neck 12" I-Beam, 19#
Tire ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E Dual
Floor 2" Treated Pine or Douglas Fir*
Frame 12" I-Beam, 19#
Wheel 16" x 6"; Black Dual Wheel 8 Bolt
Finish Superior Quality Finish is Applied for a Highly Decorative and Protective Finish.
Lights L.E.D. D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn & Clearance
Coupler 2-5/16" Ball Adj. Square Crank Type
Dovetail 5 Cleated Dovetail w/5 Double Hinged, Spring-Assisted Flip-Over Ramps
G.V.W.R. 25,900#
Elec. Plug 7-Way RV
Hitch Type Gooseneck
Side Rails 8" Channel w/Rub Rail, Stake Pockets on 24" Centers, and Chain Spools
Suspension Heavy Duty 30,000# Adjustable
Crossmembers 3" Channel
Finish (Prep) Steel is Cleaned to Ensure a Professional Smooth Finish.
Safety Chains 3/8" Grd. 70 w/Safety Latch Hook (2 each)
G.A.W.R. (Ea. Axle) 12,000#


Heavy Duty Tandem Dual Gooseneck Trailer

Big Tex 25GN Heavy Duty Tandem Dual Gooseneck Trailer

Model Description
25GN-20+5 102" x 20' + 5' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
25GN-25+5 102" x 25' + 5' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
25GN-28+5 102" x 28' + 5' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
25GN-30+5 102" x 30' + 5' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
25GN-32+5 102" x 32' + 5' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
25GN-35+5 102" x 35' + 5' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
25GN-36 102" x 36' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck (Straight)
25GN-40 102" x 40' Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck (Straight)


Length A B C
20'+5' 240" 186" 54'
25'+5' 300" 240" 60'
28'+5' 336" 264' 72"
30'+5' 360" 280" 80'
32'+5' 384" 296" 88"
35'+5' 420' 320" 100"
36' 432' 288" 144"
40' 480" 320" 160"

Trailer Weights & Capacities

Length Empty Weight Payload Box Capacity
20'+5' 6,500# 19,400# N/A
25'+5' 7,250# 18,650# N/A
28'+5' 7,850# 18,050# N/A
30'+5' 8,630# 17,270# N/A
32'+5' 8,450# 17,450# N/A
35'+5' 8,900# 17,000# N/A
36' 8,150# 17,750# N/A
40' 8,750# 17,150# N/A

Standard/Optional Equipment

Standard Equipment

  • 2-5/16" Ball Adjustable Coupler- Square Crank Type
  • Dual Two Speed Landing Gear 50K Capacity (Bolted On)
  • 102" Overall Width
  • Low Profile Bed, Pierced- Beam Frame Design
  • Lockable Toolbox Between GN Uprights
  • (2) Side Bed Steps & Handles
  • 3/8" Heavy Duty Rub Rail
  • Stake Pockets Along Sides, 24" On Center
  • 1-1/4" Pipe Chain Spools Between Tie Down Pockets
  • Premium Brand Axles
  • Oil Bath Hubs
  • Forward Self Adjusting Brakes
  • Heavy Duty 30,000# Adjustable Suspension by Dexter Axle
  • Torque Tube Standard on 28 (Flat Deck) & Longer
  • Grommet Mount Sealed Lighting
  • L.E.D. Lighting Package
  • Sealed, Modular Wiring Harness
  • Spare Tire Mount (Top of Neck)
  • 5 Dovetail w/ 5 Double Hinged Spring Assist Flip-Over Ramps
  • Complete Break-A-Way System w/Charger
  • Zip Breakaway Cable
  • Radial Tires
  • Mudflaps
  • Spare Tire & Wheel-Standard Equipped

Optional Equipment

Category Description
BODY Blackwood Pro Rubber Infused Floor
BODY Removable Deck on the Neck- Bolt On (8 W x 6 L)
BRAKES Air Brake Assembly w/ABS on Front, Spring Brake Chambers and Auto Slacks
BRAKES Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Disc)
BRAKES Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Drum)
CARGO CONTROL 4" Sliding Winch
CARGO CONTROL 4" Weld-On Winch
CARGO CONTROL 4" x 30 Strap
CARGO CONTROL 5/8" D-Ring (Each)
CARGO CONTROL Low Profile Tool Box 12" x 18" x 36" (Side Mount)
CARGO CONTROL Sliding Winch Track (Per 6 Section)
JACKS Dual Electric Over Hydraulic Jacks by Stillwell
RAMPS (2) 5 MEGA Ramps
RAMPS 8 Rear Slide-In Ramps (Straight Deck Only)
RAMPS No Dovetail Option (Deletes Dovetail and Ramps)
TIRE/WHEEL Tire Upgrade (ST215/75 R-17.5 LR-H Dual) Includes Spare
TIRE/WHEEL Tire Upgrade (ST235/85 R-16 LR-G Dual) Includes Spare

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